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Ansible role: delegated_vm_install 1.0.0 released

3 minute read


I use KVM and cloud-init to provision virtual machines on my home network and wrote a few articles about it.

on my blog on how to use cloud images with cloud-init on a “non-cloud” environment.

I created an Ansible role: ansible-role-virt_install_vm for it.

This role works great, but I wanted to have the possibility to provision the virtual machine in a delegated way.

For this reason I create the ansible role delegated_vm_install.

Delegated_vm_install 1.0.0 is available at:

Have fun!


Debian bullseye on the RPI 4: golden image

9 minute read


In my last blog post, we set up Debian bullseye with full disk encryption on a Raspberry PI 4.

I use 3 three Raspberry PI’s to run K3s and a few FreeBSD virtual machines. For the FreeBSD virtual machines I still use QEMU:, I still need to test if we can use KVM/libvirt with the UEFI improvements in FreeBSD 13.1. But that might be another blog post :-)

As need I the same installation at least three times, I decided to create a “golden image” with the most important tools.


Debian bullseye on the RPI 4 with full disk encryption.

19 minute read

Updated @ Sun Jul 17 07:51:58 PM CEST 2022: Added blkid section UUID cryptroot. Changed dropbear port to 2222.


I use a few Raspberry PI’s 4 to run virtual machines and k3s.

I was using the Manjaro Linux with full disk encryption but I’ll switch to Debian GNU/Linux, the main reason is that libvirt is currently broken on archlinuxarm.

You’ll find my journey to get Debian GNU/Linux bullseye up and running on the Raspberry PI with full disk encryption below.


How to install coreboot on a Lenovo x230

9 minute read


I already use coreboot on my Lenovo W500 with FreeBSD. I bought a Lenovo x230 for a nice price I decide to install coreboot on it. After reading a lot of online documentation. I decided to install the skulls coreboot distribution on it. The skulls project has nice documentation on how to install it.

To replace the BIOS with coreboot you will need to disassemble the laptop and use a clip on the BIOS chip to install it.