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Lookat 2.0.1 released

less than 1 minute read

lookat 2.0.1

“lookat” (or “bekijk” in Dutch) is a program to view text files and manual pages. It is designed to be more user-friendly than more conventional text viewers such as less. And supports colored manpages.

Lookat 2.0.1 is the latest stable release of Lookat/Bekijk.


  • BUGFIX: corrected screen refresh code. To handle non-utf8 terminals correctly.
  • BUGFIX: ensure that menus are initialized before using them.
  • BUGFIX: corrected type menu handling.
  • BUGFIX: failed to open type enabled extentions from the commandline.


Use unbound as an DNS-over-TLS resolver and authoritative dns server

2 minute read


In previous blog posts, I described howto setup stubby as an DNS-over-TLS resolver. I used stubby on my laptop(s) and unbound on my internal network.

But I’m migrating away from stubby in favour of unbound.

Unbound is a popular DNS resolver, it’s less known that you can also use it as an authoritative DNS server.

I created a docker container that can serve both purposes, although you can use the same logic without docker.

It’s available at


CGIpaf at GNU Savannah

less than 1 minute read

GNU Savannah

The CGIpaf project has a new home at GNU savannah:

The source code was - and is still also hosted - on GitHub.

There are a few reasons for the move;

  • I was looking for an easy way to store binary releases. Binary releases aren’t supported by GitHub. There might be a solution for this at GitLab but scp to upload a release is more convenient.
  • GitHub is becoming too dominant.
  • I prefer a solution that is based on Free Software.
  • I was already using GNU savannah for another project lookat.

Have fun


Lookat 2.0.0 released

less than 1 minute read

lookat 2.0.0

Lookat 2.0.0 is the latest stable release of Lookat/Bekijk the userfriendly file browser/viewer.


  • utf8 support
  • default color scheme has been updated
  • improved error handeling
  • Macos 10.7+ support