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CGIpaf uploaded to github

less than 1 minute read

I finally converted the cgipaf cvs repository to github.

I used cvs2git It took a bit longer than expected.

My first attempt didn’t had the release tags right.

Adding --retain-conflicting-attic-files to cvs2git resolved this issue.

You’ll find how I did it it below.


Freebsd 9.1 jails with Qjail

4 minute read

I’m using ezjail now.

The reason for this is that the port is marked as RESTRICTED. Since it seems to be a fork from ezjail without respecting the copyright and license


I’m adding more services to my freebsd system

I’m coming from the solaris world where it’s a common practice to run services in separated containers for security reasons.

On FreeBSD there are jails to isolate services and improve security.

At first I didn’t like jails the way the freebsd handbook describes it requires a buildworld which takes a long time on my system with a AMD C-60 CPU.

Lucky Qjail makes the deployment a lot easier.