How to start DLM monitoring on a VDSL line in Belgium

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In Belgium/Flanders we have two main internet line providers;

  • telenet the cablenet network provider.
  • proximus is the telephone network provider.

On telephone network there are alternative internet providers but they use the network of proximus.

I switched my internet connection from ADSL to VDSL and switched to a new provider ( edpnet). The internet speed was below the expectations and my modem reported errors on the line. After fixing the internal phone cabbeling in my appartment I wanted the retrigger the DLM monitoring.

The process is explained in the this post at

To start the DLM monitoring in Belgium you need to call 0800 22 424 and type in your line number. If you don’t have a proximus phone number the line number is not the same as your phone number. To get your line number you need to connect an analog phone to our line and call 1924 this will read aloud your line number.

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