lookat 1.4.4rc1 released

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It is a national holiday in Belgium so I have some time to code again.

Lookat 1.4.4rc1 is the first release candicate of Lookat 1.4.4


  • openBSD support
  • English translation issues corrected
  • autoconf updated to 2.69
  • Corrected mirror compile warnings

Lookat 1.4.4rc1 is available at:

http://www.wagemakers.be/english/programs/lookat , download it directly Download latest development release (1.4.4rc1).

Or at the Git repository at GNU savannah http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/lookat.git/


I forgot to mention it but Lookat has landed in OpenBSD Thanks to Brian Callahan for the port!

** Have fun **

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