Open Hardware PowerPC notebook

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PowerPC Notebook

powerpc noetbook

I prefer RISC as a CPU architecture over CISC. RISC is a simpler design that should deliver more CPU performance with fewer transistors and is more power-efficient. We have to recognize that Intel and AMD have made great progress in increasing the performance and efficiency of the x86 CISC architecture.

But the x86 architecture comes with a FreeDOM cost, Intel has the Intel Management Engine and closed Proprietary software is required to initialize the components. The same can be said about AMD; AMD has the AMD Platform Security Processor and binary blobs are required.

Power is currently the most powerful alternative that doesn’t require binary blobs; this is not only great for free/open source activists. A truly open-source firmware that can be reviewed / audited is also for nice security reasons.

For these reasons; I support the PowerPC notebook initiative: This project tries to design an open-hardware PowerPC notebook, the schematics are already completed and available at GitLab:

There is a donation campaign running by the project to complete the PCB design at:

If this project interest you, you might consider donating to it.

Have fun!

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