CGIpaf uploaded to github

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I finally converted the cgipaf cvs repository to github.

I used cvs2git It took a bit longer than expected.

My first attempt didn’t had the release tags right.

Adding --retain-conflicting-attic-files to cvs2git resolved this issue.

You’ll find how I did it it below.

cvs2git \
    --blobfile=cvs2git-tmp/git-blob.dat \
    --dumpfile=cvs2git-tmp/git-dump.dat \
    /var/lib/cvs/cgipaf \
    --username=staf \

create local git:

$ mkdir ~/newgit
$ cd ~/newgit
$ mkdir cgipaf
$ cd cgipaf
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/staf/newgit/cgipaf/


git fast-import --export-marks=/home/staf/cvs2git-tmp/cvs2git-marks.dat < /home/staf/cvs2git-tmp/git-blob.dat
git fast-import --import-marks=/home/staf/cvs2git-tmp/cvs2git-marks.dat < /home/staf/cvs2git-tmp/git-dump.dat

push to github:

git remote add origin
git push origin --mirror

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