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Lookat 2.0.0 released

less than 1 minute read

lookat 2.0.0

Lookat 2.0.0 is the latest stable release of Lookat/Bekijk the userfriendly file browser/viewer.


  • utf8 support
  • default color scheme has been updated
  • improved error handeling
  • Macos 10.7+ support


Migrate from octopress to jekyll

2 minute read

octopress_logo I migrated my blog from Octopress to Jekyll. The primary reason is that octopress isn’t maintained any more. I’m sure its great theme will live on in a lot of projects.

I like static webpage creators, they allow you to create nice websites without the need to have any code on the remote website. Anything that runs code has the possibility to be cracked, having a static website limit the attack vectors. You still need to protect the upload of the website and the system(s) that hosts your site of course.